i'm off

Announcement: in a few posts it'll be my 1000th. Once we've arrived, I'll post about Stuart's book and have a little contest.

Maybe that will get you guys to comment. I KNOW you're dropping by--I've gone all Google Analytics on your ass. But you're so quiet.

Quiet people make me nervous.

It's a grey day, overcast and due to rain. We're headed up to the newly green mountains (except for all the dead brown trees). It's a perfect day to go sit in a bar and drink and talk. Seriously, how do people in England not just waste away their many cloudy days in pubs? The urge would become too much for me.

I saw Night at the Museum Battle of the Smithsonian last night. Funny movie.

I also got my Thuglit t-shirt, which I assume means the new issue will be coming out soon. I'll link on the sidebar when it does. I'm also remiss in adding a few links over there, but I'll get to it.

I made good progress on The Silver Scar this week, plotted three short stories and I'm plotting another novel, and I turned in my Top Secret Project. So I actually did stuff, in a scattered sort of way. Time for some focus.

On beer.

Happy Memorial Day. Have a passing thought for our soldiers, passed and still defending us.

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