creative crisis

Yesterday I was going on like 3 hours of sleep and finally the husband asks me in bed last night, "Why are you so crabby?"

I'll just let your imagination take over from there.

But I finally slept last night. For like 7 whole hours, which is downright sleeping-in for me.

I know why I'm not sleeping. I'm in the throes of a creative crisis. Only, it's not a crisis if you're getting somewhere, right? But a creative crisis is like pregnancy. What comes out is awesome; getting there makes you cranky, half-ill, and short on sleep. I have characters knocking on my door all hours of the night and ideas for websites and marketing and conference presentations and meta-cognitive ruminations running laps like little gerbils.

(Gerbiltron! for those of you on the inside.

Really. You people should get on Twitter.

I had a great talk with Dennis Cass this morning. We discussed ideas for a website I'm thinking of putting together. He brought up some good points about examining why I want to do it and what I hope to gain.

Great. More to think about. Gee. Thanks. Dennis.

No seriously, he had good thoughts and his voice...well. I won't say it. Even though it's complimentary, it's not very professional. But the man should be on the radio.

Speaking of voices, the husband is perusing some voice-over options, including on Twitter. I'll direct the ladies his way if he ever gets to it. Srsly. Hot.

Checkit. I've got a post up over at Electric Spec's blog tomorrow. And though I don't talk about anybody being sexy, it's still gonna be great.


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