an award

I actually get one of these from time to time and it makes my heart sing and my knees go weak and my dog happy because then I go WOOT, which makes her think it's Time To Bark.

I wish I was smart enough to put it on my sidebar like all the other folksies do, but I'm not.

I got this from WrittenWyrd for "writing on writing" and also for recounting my awesome snowboarding adventures, which have pretty well been reduced to me spending five minutes on the elliptical machine and wondering what the repercussions will be when I'm not wondering about that 22 year old eye candy over there by the free weights.

In fine blog chain award form, I shall nominate Seven People for this:

Stephen: come out come out wherever you are
Conduit: for being my friend
Come In Character: for creating a place for our characters to play
Dennis Cass: for making all of us awesomer
Realm: my very own stalker. Need I say more?
J at Writer's Musings: for reminding us there's still a war on
And to the now defunct Greg and Jack: for sucking me into this blogging gig in the first place.

Thanks Wyrd :)

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