more on voice and style

Yup, still analyzing this stuff, and probably always will, eh? I do think this sort of thought keeps authors from dialing it in, so it's not a bad thing. Also, it allows me to procrastinate. I'm 1/4 a way through a draft and I need to keep plugging along.

The last time I questioned this topic within my writing, a friend told me not to worry, I was just discovering my voice. That made me feel warm and fuzzy inside, but seriously, I don't know if I'd recognize my voice if it slapped me upside the head with two wet similes. If I described my own voice, I'd call it serviceable.

What I want it to be is another matter. I aspire for momentum. Story should be a boulder tumbling down a cliff. It dislodges all sorts of rocks and dirt and weeds along the way, only to take out an ancient tree at the end, letting the sun shine on old, mossy dirt.

Huh. If I can do that in a story, then maybe voice isn't something I need to work on. Maybe it just is.

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