got a present

I keep a limited number of books on my desk. I got, like, a dictionary and thesaurus and the Bible, more for reference than for any religious meaning. Oh, and I have STORY and a copy of Aristotle's POETICS. And that's pared down from a couple of weeks ago when I had a stack of TBR paperbacks written by friends and a couple of other reference books, too, just because I was distracting myself from writing a synopsis by reading about Werewolves and Ancient Egypt and rock stars in ROLLING STONE.

I have a big desk, but books are like weeds. They tend to take over the whole damn yard.

However, I got Stuart's ARC for THE TWELVE. Though he's told me almost verbatim what it said more times than I can count--even right in my own ear--reading his acknowledgement made me cry. He even wrote a sweet note in the front. So THE TWELVE is going to hang out on the desk for awhile, too, where it can remind me of my friend.


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