Taking a break from critting for tonight to write this.

I'm busy busy busy this month. Psychotically busy. Hysterically busy. So busy I don't have the time to replace those adverbs with active verbs. Like, I am going to NEED Jamaica when I finally go in six weeks. I just hope I find time to get my hair highlighted and hit the tanning booth and mall for new sandals before I go.

Birthday parties, magazines, conference proposals, writing projects, company coming, submissions, oh my!

We're assembling the new issue for Electric Spec as we speak. Well, the royal we, as in me, as the new web person. Mistress or master would be a stretch. Even with me in charge, it's just looking sooooo cooool. Man. Cool.

I wrote a letter from us editors thanking the person responsible for our new home (you'll have to stop by to find out who!) and man was that hard. Sometimes I want to write something special, yanno? Curve the words into a big hug or something. But they won't bend.

So I had to rely on plain. Plain is mostly best for me. I'm not a big word, fancy phrase kind of person. I wear jeans and cowboy boots (or my punk rock boots--depending). In summer, I like rubber flipflops. I don't do similies.

But is plain good enough?

Well, the plainest writer I know is Neil Gaiman.

So I guess so.

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