My Filofax is a mess. It's got scribbles and lists and phone numbers without names. It's my life, jotted and crossed out in ink. I'm living by the Filofax, like I said I would.

And it sucks.

No, not the Filofax, but the life. I'm in the doldrums of Too Much To Do.

I don't do well with TMTD. It makes me unhappy. Not writing makes me unhappy. Not submitting my book makes me unhappy.

This February largely sucks.

But then, March! March stretches out languidly in clean sheets (of paper) , culminating in a vacation to the tropics. March shall be about the tanning booth, and starving myself into my bikini, shopping for shorts and tank tops, and getting my hair highlighted blonder than usual. March shall be glorious.

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