wish i were riding again today...

So, you're almost perfectly divided between EXILED, THE SILVER SCAR, and HINTERLAND. Gee. Thanks guys. :P Due to a new top- secret, upcoming project, I'll probably be putting all of them off for awhile anyway. But when I return to it, I think I'll probably work on THE SILVER SCAR. Traditional fantasy is a tough sell for no-names.

Yesterday I snowboarded with my daughter, who is hell on skis at all of 6 11/12 years of age. She gave me quite the workout just trying to keep up. The snow was fresh (got something like a foot all day yesterday). All in all, a perfect day, sans any trick parks, since she was wearing out before I got up there. But NINE runs is quite enough for short-crotched folks like her. I'm so proud of her. And damn, we had fun together. It reconfirms my parenting instinct in trying to find something family members can all enjoy together verses carting them to some team practice four times a week.

Oh, and my son rode moguls for the first time, too. Ever see a snowboarder on moguls? It's really something. He had a blast and promised to coach me next time. :)

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