more thoughts

As you see, I decided to illustrate half-way through the post. The wine bottle and card are from a friend, given to me after I sold my last story. I did a little burn-art on the candle, doctoring it to drip down the bottle. It's a cheap blue candle from last year's advent wreath, so my graffiti left the candle all swirly, smudgy blue. I'd like to keep burning candles in the bottle until lots of wax has dripped down the neck of the bottle. I may hang beads or something around the bottle, too. And see my new cards, all shiny and apprehensive with potential? Purty, eh?

And yeah, that's part of the TBR pile. Willis, Harris, and some stuff by writer-friends.

Next item for the spiritual collection? Nepalese prayer flags.

It was good wine, too, a simple sparkling white.

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