happy new year

End of the year wrap-up, a bit early since I'm heading Upward and Onward tomorrow and will be out of touch.

Some 2008 thanks, shout-outs, awwws, and attaboys go to:

My priest for giggling with my son during procession on Sunday.
Linus for reminding us that's what Christmas is all about, Charlie Brown.

Twitter for being so...hell, incessant, I guess.
Conduit (Stuart) for his skyrocketing book. I knew you'd go big right from the start. I didn't realize we'd become friends along the way.
Stephen for putting up with my whining and critting my drivel whenever I ask.
My crit group for their honesty and for caring.
Realm for being an unrepentant, unapologetic stalker. Everyone should be so lucky.
My new snowboard pants (orange) for keeping my ass warm and dry.
Bernita--hang in there, may he come home soon.
Beth for reminding me in her quiet way that friendship needs tending from time to time.
Other nameless friends who are just there, and those who appear magically when needed.
J for defending us without complaint. May you see home and family in 2009.
The hungry, the war-torn, the homeless, the lost...I pray help comes soon.
Nathan Bransford for taking the time to personally teach me how to write.
My fellow editors for steadfastness, vision, and brilliance.
Countless other editors out there who have read my work and responded so positively, even when it was a no, and to those who've bought my stuff.
Selfish, the greedy, the heartless assholes who are getting what you deserve.
Teachers who are there for my kids, and teachers everywhere.
My kiddos for becoming even more interesting creatures than I ever imagined.
All bloggers out there. You delight, infuriate, challenge, and teach every day.
My dog Hannah, who reminds me when it's playtime.
My ma for reminding me that I don't know as much as I think I do, precious little actually, and if I'd just listen and do like she says, things would turn out all right.
My bros for texting me pix and other silliness.
My husbandito, for starting new Christmas Eve traditions...
And for just being you.

And especially to SS@S readers, who keep coming back to Sex Scenes.
I hope I never disappoint.

See you in 2009!

I hope this New Year is YOUR year.

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