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I'm away at MileHiCon this weekend, so here's a little spot to visit to keep ya occupied (yanno, like Iraq) until I get back. Enjoy. Oh, and it changes daily, so visit often!

Palin for President

Courtesy of Written Wyrd

schedule for MileHiCon:

Friday: You can find me in the Bar
Saturday: Sympathy for the Hero 2 pm Wind River B
Ghosthunters and Lovers 10 pm Mesa Verde B
Sunday: Architecture in Fantasy 12 noon Wind River B


Ok, this is clearly becoming a linky Friday.

An online gift shop for those pesky people who have everything.

I especially like the Terrorist Teapot.

Courtesy of Neil Gaiman

Anyone have some technical advice on how to deal with an obstinate keyboard? I tried banging it on the desk and cursing at it but so far that only works intermittently.

addendum 2:

The banging on the desk and cursing seems to have worked. I just had to do it about ten times while standing inside a magic demon-casting circle.

Last night someone said something smart on CNN (hey, there's a first time for everything--it was Michael Moore): You wouldn't give the keys to your house to someone you've only known for 7 weeks. You wouldn't let them keep your kids for the weekend. And yet you'll hand over the keys to your country? (and call yourself patriotic while doing it.)

Fucking morons. (Michael didn't say that part, but he was thinking it!)

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