christian values

The Silver Scar is, at heart, a battle between a man and his faith. Since the main character is Christian, that would be the faith in question. It's my first attempt at writing Christianity from a protagonist's POV, and one I'm not entirely comfortable with. (Hence my recent spat of short stories. Can you say Novel Avoidance?)

I attended a session about "Christianity in SciFi" at Worldcon. The discussion turned into a self-congratulatory free-for-all on the growing market for books featuring "Christian Values."

As if Christians hold the patent on values.

Yesterday my priest brought a discussion around to the election and how certain populations use faith as a weapon, a polarizing defensive maneuver (my words, his meaning) to prove one side or another as more faithful, more patriotic. Like faith and patriotism is a contest. (Last one to Heaven is a rotten egg!) He provided a nice reminder that Anglicans tread the via media not in avoidance of issues, but in an effort to bridge the disconnects in our lives.

One such disconnect, to me, is "Christian Values."

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