and into the the throws of Halloween excitement.

MileHiCon was fun as usual. I hung with many of the old suspects: fellow editor Lesley, friend Todd Bradley, Mario and Jeanne, and relatively new buddy Warren Hammond author of KOP and EX-KOP. I first heard of those books, I think, from agent Colleen Lindsay. It's an offworld mystery that plans to be a very dark, bloody, fun read. (It's refreshing to note that Warren isn't scared to use profanity in his prose, though he doesn't use it in person.) Poor guy is in a critique group with Mario.

I also discovered a friend in common with Carrie Vaughn and her friend Max Campanella (who generously has offered help with my Latin). Carrie's quick on her feet--they did a Kitty call-in show at the con. I met Paulo Bagigalupi, victim of a persistent cough, Hugo nominee, author of the collection PUMP SIX and a forthcoming YA novel. (Hey, I only got two letters wrong upon first spelling!) I only saw Connie Willis and Jim Butcher via panels. I heard some rumblings about deadlines, but it's probably more likely they're too smart to waste time in the bar with the likes of me.

All my panels went well, though I was so surrounded by Fantasy Brilliance at the protagonist panel that I tried to mostly keep my mouth shut. The rest of the time I was in the coughcoughbarcough, which made my cold return with a vengeance. Between Paulo and I, I'm sure we infected our whole panel and audience of Architecture in Fantasy devotees.

Oh, and I bought loads of books. Yea.

re: promises. I know I owe a couple of folks some crits, not to mention our slush (Holy Freakin' Cow, btw!) but this is a short work week with Halloween and I've got several things to get out the door. So I'll pacify y'all with an apology.

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