open for interpretation

I'm back to research and copying notes (that's how we learn stuff) for The Silver Scar. It's always amazing what a few months' distance will show you. Like, I've been thinking all along, Damn, this world is silver. It just is. I see it so clearly, right through Trinidad's very own eyes. But what does it mean?? I studied silver mythos and meaning and didn't come up with a lot except that both my main characters are going to be 25.

Last night I realized there's a ton of symbolism surrounding silver, all of which can work, all in my own notes. It just really depending on your view of what the silver world actually is, which shall remain up for debate. I realized in the past few days that I actually don't want to impose my view of what the world is on anyone. I want them to make up their own minds. So, my new standard for the book is this:

If readers argue over what the silver world means half as much as the characters do, then I've done my job well.

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