Sorry I've been so quiet. I'm buried in my hold-for-voting file right now. (Stop writing such good stories!! It makes more work for lazy editors!) Our first production meeting is Thursday for a Halloween release.

During an interview, in which I rambled far too much, I realized I've seen some changes in short fiction, which could be attributed to blogging. I'm not going into details yet--want to give him a chance to use the drivel material first--but I think it's important to note that sophisticated writers think while they write. They actively change their style, tone, and voice according to their intended audience. As well, I think readers are coming to expect a difference between online and print stories, and in the coming years, we'll see that divide grow. It's subtle, but there.

Also, note my appearances are here --------------->
(just like I am somebody). So if you want to meet the Sex in person, come on down to MileHi Con in October. I must be on a panel or two; my name is in the brochure.

Homework: go read some online stories here and here and here and then pick up Sci Fi and Fantasy or Ellery Queen and see if you can find a difference.

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