buh bye world

Ever been on the verge of a creative tsunami?

Right now is the quiet before the big one hits, that moment where the wave slides back and reveals sand-crawling animals, old fishhooks, and cameras lost by tourists. But it always rolls back and drags us out to sea, sea being that realm of absent-minded distraction with people who aren't real and yet live.

How do you prepare for the flood of words?

Me: getting stories out the door; reading slush; wrapping up revisions and sending them on their merry way; nailing down final details of my talk at RMFW Con. Jotting thank yous, writing checks for school, and running errands. Taking fourth graders to the Denver Art Museum, moleskin in hand. Reading, always reading.

Dreaming. Worrying. Shivering.

I'm the forecaster of my very own storm, and I'm as battened down as I'm gonna be.

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