OK, first of all, did you all know you can hit the little blogger icon up in the corner of your blog and it takes you right to your new-and-improved dashboard?!

Oh. Well, just in case you didn't.
Jack's Back.

Jack's a fleeting thing, so go get while the gettin's good.


If you aren't watching GENERATION KILL, you don't have HBO and you're a loser, missing out on what should be but probably won't be an icon of American uberculture because people are idiots and wouldn't know a good TV show if it fucked them and fixed them breakfast the next day, leaving them with an inexplicable feeling of lonliness and ineptitude, being, as they are, too busy watching has-beens rate crappy singers or reruns of LOST or Phelps winning his 2876th medal or the latest pathetic squabble on a beach somewhere in the Pacific between a Geek Squader with illusions of someday stripping wires for IBM and a career sanitation worker (it's all done with mirrors, btw).
I got a bike for my birthday and you didn't. It's blue.

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