orson scott card is an idiot

Quotes from his recent essay against gay marriage:

We will once again be performing a potentially devastating social experiment on ourselves without any attempt to predict the consequences and find out if the American people actually want them.

Gee, sounds like there's a book in that.

Men and women, from childhood on, have very different biological and social imperatives. They are naturally disposed to different reproductive strategies; men are (on average) larger and stronger; the relative levels of various hormones, the difference in the rate of maturity, and many other factors make it far, far easier for women to get along with other women and men to get along with men. ...But a man and a woman come together as strangers and their natural impulses remain at odds throughout their lives, requiring constant compromise, suppression of natural desires, and an unending effort to learn how to get through the intersexual swamp.

I find this intriguing. Is this where all the I Hate Gays hullaballoo comes from? That "men and women" are different and that it creates the sort of neccessary tension to keep a story marriage going? Yeah. Fiction is not reality. In reality, epic tensions cause things like war and divorce, with no happy ending.

So not only are two sexes required in order to conceive children, children also learn their sex-role expectations from the parents in their own family. This is precisely what large segments of the Left would like to see break down. And if it is found to have unpleasant results, they will, as always, insist that the cure is to break down the family even further.

There he goes assuming that the population as a whole want both sexes to persist in our current gender based roles. Since women seem to do most of the work required to keep a "family" going at home, and now often fight in the trenches of the workplace as well, this is what I call typical "man-speak". Ask any woman how she likes being paid less, working more hours than her male counterparts, being called a "bitch" for stating something in a less than sweet-as-honey manner, and see how she falls into the "orson scott card line" of persistent gender roles.

Only when the father became powerless or absent in the lives of huge numbers of children did we start to realize some of the things people need a father for: laying the groundwork for a sense of moral judgment; praise that is believed so that it can instill genuine self-confidence....[Kids] need the confidence and role models that come from a stable home with father and mother in their proper places.

Let me guess, my proper place as a mother is in the kitchen, or on my bed, getting fucked in proper missionary position. Sounds about right, since apparently, as a mother, I can't lay moral groundwork, nor provide believable praise. Well, fuckin'A, why should I try at all?

Card gets off on a rant about divorce. I'm guessing he's going to compare divorced, single parent families to gay families somehow.
And here it is...

The result is a generation of children with no trust in marriage who are mating in, at best, merely "marriage-like" patterns, and bearing children with no sense of responsibility to society at large; while society is trying to take on an ever greater role in caring for the children who are suffering -- while doing an increasingly bad job of it. ... The ideologues have demanded that we stop defining "families" as Dad, Mom, and the kids. Now any grouping of people might be called a "family." But this doesn't turn them into families, or even make rational people believe they're families.

Oh. So now I'm not rational, eh? Poor kiddos who come from divorced families...SHUN THEM. SHUN, I TELL YOU. Actually, shun me, since I come from one of these families.

But homosexual "marriage" is an act of intolerance. It is an attempt to eliminate any special preference for marriage in society--

HERE we get down to it. Orson wants to be special. Well, you are, Orson, just not in the way you might think.

Television programs will start to show homosexual "marriages" as wonderful and happy (even as they continue to show heterosexual marriages as oppressive and conflict-ridden).

Um, TV shows portray heterosexual marriages as conflict-ridden cuz it makes for good TV. You're forgetting the first rule of fiction, old man. Conflict, conflict, conflict.

The dark secret of homosexual society -- the one that dares not speak its name -- is how many homosexuals first entered into that world through a disturbing seduction or rape or molestation or abuse, and how many of them yearn to get out of the homosexual community and live normally.

This one stands on its own.

If you want to read the whole stupid thing, it's here. What Card has going for him is belief. What he's apparently forgotten is that he's not the only fish in the pond.

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