WorldCon has come and gone and I'm glad--glad I went, glad I'm HOME. It's exhausting for someone who's used to hanging around home in her jammies writing all day to socialize all day and night long. I'm still catching up on sleep. I met a ton of wonderful people, attended panels that spurred intriguing ideas, and generally just hung with my tribe. My people. I think that, more than any other, describes WorldCon. My people. I don't know if folks would lump me in with these SF/F folks, but I'm a geek at heart (I should make a t-shirt). Yes, I made connections you'd give your eyeteeth to have. Yes, I schmoozed and boozed agents and editors and authors. No, I 'm not going to talk out of school, so enough of that.

I did work on Sentinel a little bit. Since I was lonely in my hotel room, I started the read-aloud phase. Highly recommended.

Now I'm just waiting for some time to see the husband. What with our meetings, company, two conventions in as many weekends, we've barely talked in two weeks. And when we don't talk, we fight. So we need to get back to normal.

School starts in one week. WOOT. (oh. did i say that out loud?)

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