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A new issue of ELECTRIC SPEC is up and running, so go take a look, would ya? Or at least tell me you did. We work awful hard on the darn thing, and there are some great stories this time. Ok, there are great stories every time; always worth a read.

I'm heading up and away to the lake tomorrow after taking care of several household tasks: a new windshield, a new beer-fridge (heh, wore the damn thing out in less than a year), vacuuming... er, don't read that bit, anonymous-stalker-who's-in-love-with-me (but-is-probably-just-one-of-my-friends-fucking-with-me).

I'd like to give a shout-out to Stephen (come defend your position as head Crush--I dare you! I love a good fight when I'm the point of contention) and another nameless friend who suffered an epic disappointment of late. You're on my mind, bro.
My 17 year old nephew got SECOND in a stock car race. Me so proud. He got a trophy and everything. I remember when he was just a little guy getting up to the counter by way of the open oven door.

I just love guys on motorcycles, don't you? Maybe it's the armor or dirt or something...they're freakin' hot. The AMA Nationals were a rockin' good time, but somehow not the same since it wasn't Africa-hot and I didn't have a tube top to roll up. (No pride in 108 F heat. None.) And I drank beer, which usually helps the fun factor except when the portapotties are the most disgusting (ie: full) I've ever seen.

And the last thing on my mind: My friend told me I was hot for my age.

For my age.

Dude. I just want to be hot. Period. I mean, what if I were single and trying to have sex with like 22 year olds (which is exactly what I'd be doing if I were single)? And the 22 year olds were all, Well, you're hot for your age...
That would SUCK. And man, that's just the kind of thing some idiot 22 year old would say, too. And I'd be all, Less talk, more sex... cuz I'd probably be desperate for some since I'm only hot for my age.

Ok. Really. Time for bed. I guess I need my fucking beauty rest.

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