cwazy world out there

This comes via author and nice-guy-extrordinaire Barth Anderson (that's Mr. Anderson to you). Intriguing article. Lizza doesn't lamblast Obama, but in typical New Yorker style, he does napalm the mystique from his rise to power. Obama's an opportunist, no question. That's not a bad thing, but contrary to popular belief, he does not make friends with everyone, he's more centrist (read: right) than you'd think, yet he is the Democrats' Second Coming. To paraphrase Barth, the People don't even know who they're championing. The People should read this article.

After months of being dry on short story ideas, I now am fostering two. One's a futuristic, the other is set in a world that I actually had a editorial request for. I know Braedon, Temple Baron, has more stories up his sleeve, but I'm still hashing out what they are. He's more sword and sorcery than my typical fare, but the character and world lends itself to irony, which for some reason I consider a must for my short stories. But what's ironic about an embittered Chosen One who has foresworn his god? Shit, for that matter, what's even original about it? I suck.

I'm going here and you're not.
I'll be the tan chick in the leopard bikini top.
My mom will be shocked, but the crowd will be awed.

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