friday wrap-up

And it is a merry Friday to you all, just barely, with me drunken and you reading over mornin' coffee. Look at that, the odometer slipped over 70K while we weren't looking. Thanks y'all for always coming by, and for those guys who googled sex on a Starbucks counter and got me instead, welcome!!

To date since last Saturday:
Politics are so boring, dontcha know? Why do I bother, oh why? One man can change a world; Obama is not that man; nuff said.

Four babysitters
Two dead baby bunnies via Hannahdog. New name: Killer, only you have to say it Killerrrrrrr!!!!!
One REM at Red Rocks concert. Michael was in a mellow mood, the whole crowd sang Losing My Religion, very heartfelt and moving, as usual, seen 'em like ten times, ok, I think it's actually 7, moving on...

One U2 cover tribute band tonight. Opening act lead singer XIRON--it's burned into my brain via Microsoft screensaver graphics--HOOOOOTTTTT.

Did I mention he's hot? Sheeit.


Dinner with sister-insta-law on Saturday (babysitter #4 in 7 days) . She and gf and me want to go to SingSing, a dueling piano bar. The Tickler is against it. I told him he'd be the only guy there and all the bachelorettes would be hot for him, but no dice. I'll work my charms and we'll see...

Oh, and cut 11000, count 'em, 11000 words from a book I wrote, well, a while ago. Something clicked thanks to some folks... you know who you are. Thanks.

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