cuz you love who you love

One time I saw this couple at a concert. They were beautiful, blond, and clearly in love. It was cold at this show (at Red Rocks) and they cuddled and finally kissed. And kissed. And kissed. And I finally realized in my heart what I'd known all along.

(If you didn't catch on from the spelling, they were two beautiful boys so into each other that the crowd and the cold didn't exist for them.) What I took away:
You love who you love.

Even so, it's different when you get married.
It just is. Can't explain it. I attribute it to God, since I did the church wedding (Methodist, 8 minutes, no unity candles or soloists, but it did the trick if 17 years means anything). I've been with my husband since I was 19--we literally grew up together. (He did the growing up; I'm a late bloomer. Ask anybody.) We were together for five years before we were married. Had sex for, uh, (Dad, avert your eyes) 4.99 of those years. We lived in each others' back pockets all through college.

It was different when we got married.

We're not the only ones who think so.
I've known couples who have lived together for years, then got married and said, "Day-amn. This shit sho' nuff' is differnt."

That's why I'm so excited that some (all two of 'em) States have seen the light and allowed gays to marry. I pray God will lead more like moths to the flame.

I wish someone against gay marriage would try to convince me it's wrong. I wish they could explain their position in terms that actually make sense. I wish they could tell me what the fuck it is to them. (I actually do; I'm an empath that way.)

But they can't, cuz personal discomfort is no reason to keep people who love each other apart. Period.

More love. That's what I say. Makes the fucking world go around.

Cuz you love who you love.

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