workplace wednesday

Soon we'll have a meme for every day of the week. Blame this one on Stuart.

I'm supposed to say a few words about my workplace. It's an old library table with two useless drawers and it's too high to be good for my shoulder, but I don't care because it was in a library and if you don't get that kharma, there's no explaining it to you.
The desk was recently cleaned because I like to clear off the rubble before vacation. This is the cleanest it ever gets. Things that rarely leave my desk: my Filofax, THE ELEMENTS OF STYLE used as a coaster for some variety of tea, pens stolen from our local conference, and Hannah dog under, bugging me for a walk. The flowers and card are from The Tickler for our 17th. The lamp is old and was my Grannie and Grandad's. The glass holding my pens is called a Hawk Barrel, one of my prized posessions. Buck and a quarter to fill it with beer at The Hawk, my haunt in college.

The books are THE WITCH BOOK (encyclopedia of witchcraft), OXFORD DICTIONARY, WRITE AWAY (elizabeth george), FLIP DICTIONARY, HOLY BIBLE, ANANSI BOYS, THE TEMPEST, A HIGHLY PLACED SOURCE, WICKED, STORY, copies of my own chapters, scribbled by critters, and buried under a page of notes somewhere, THE MAGICIAN AND THE FOOL. The sword is my for my son's Mars costume, withheld from battle until after the 3rd Grade Roman Pageant.

This is my view to the right. The settee is where I read hard copies of manuscripts, and where various little people settle in to distract me from writing:

Now, I want to see where Alex Keto, Stephen, Bernita and Wyrd all write. :D

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