frankie says relax, don't do it

And what does that have to do with tigers, you ask? Not much, but it got you to read this far, didn't it?

My daughter, the consummate artist, and I are making art together for her room. She picked some animal pix off the internet, like this one via

I did line drawings of the primary focus objects. She's finishing them in colored pencils and watercolor, adding background objects, and handling negative spaces, which so far she's left blank. The one above requires a complicated color wash for the negative space. I may do that and leave the detail up to her. Anyway, it's a fun collaboration. I hope to post pics when they're finished. The first one turned out great: a colt with some hay in its mouth. The hay was her idea, and I ask you what six year old knows how to overlay objects correctly? Oh, and the colt's face is golden from the glow of the sun directly overhead. Sheesh. People spend years learning to handle light. It kind of freaks me out, but then, she's got a couple of generations of talent behind her, and she's been drawing in perspective since she was three.

I also went to a sex toy party last night. I learned that while the Americans were less giggly than I expected (though some of them bowed out early) I'm more in sync with the Europeans, with whom I had conversations about intimate shaving and good places to get sex toys in the same matter-of-fact tone as we talked about schools, homework, and what the hell are we going to do with the kids all summer?! Anyway, I drank far too much, and I'll be heading to bed early tonight.

Happy Mother's Day to all who qualify.

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