Meme from Aerin. Go read her. Anyone whose tagline is: Theology. Social Injustice. Spirituality. Like Sunday School. With Alcohol is our kinda wOman. (pronounced wOman, like how janis joplin used to sing it) I'm so flattered. It's like winning a prize at Bingo! Six odd facts about me me me, all about MEEEE!


1. I've never won a game of Bingo.
2. I refuse to patronize businesses that make their employees dress funny. (Hot Dog On A Stick--this means you!!)

3. I'm about to begin a sci-fi class. We were asked to define Science Fiction, and to my surprise I had a ready definition: a story in which the scientific element is absolutely integral to the plot, setting, or characterization. In other words, the story could not exist in remotely the same form without the science. I'm no scientist though, so what passes for science in my world is pretty loose. For potential Espec writers, this is pretty well my standard for Speculative Fiction as well. This means if your character happens to live in a haunted house, but the ghosts don't strongly impact the story or protag, it's probably not for me.

4. My wedding was 8 1/2 minutes long. Consummating it took considerably longer.

5. I spent several years doing interior design and commissioned art. I haven't picked up a paint brush in 8 years. Design is only fun when clients pick what I pick. And the math sucks. But I'm good, by the way. And I have toyed with going back into it.

6. I frequently get HUGE crushes on people, both male and female. Yes, I have one right now. Yes, s/he is a reader. No, I won't tell you who it is.

Eanie meanie miney mo,
catch a tiger by its toe,
if he hollers let him go,
my mommy said to pick the very best ones and
are it!!

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