To be honest, I'm still harboring a little bit of resentment against God, the Earth, and Winter Park for making the snowboarding season end. IknowIknowIKNOW it's April. But there's still snow. I have flowers in my yard now. Blooming. I'm wearing shorts. I have a bit of a sunburn. But I'd trade it all for February. Or New Zealand. Whatever.

This is an excellent article on the pine beetle that's killing the forests in both my counties (though this one concentrates on Canada). It fits nicely into the theme of my new WIP, too.

I posted over at Keeping Your Cool. Don't expect literary greatness or anything--I was too lazy to proof it. I'm sure there are some issues. But if you just can't get enough of me, it's there. And you know you can't.

I had a whole diatribe on mean writers, something on editing/writing for magazines, and another on the Anglican concept of Hell, and still another on what brings a man of God to violence, but I'm having a beer instead. Ciao.

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