Lest you think I'm going all freaky-religious on you, here's an extremely inappropriate link to prove you wrong. Very impressive, don't you think? But really, someone needs to tell her to match her lipstick to her nipples. Duh.

I read more Electric Spec stories last night. There seems to be an abundance, in my inbox and abroad the greater e-zine market, of end-of-the-world stories. First of all, I find that intriguing, what with the "new hope" on offer from our presidential candidates.

OK, yeah, I made a funny. I'll give you a moment to compose yourself.

But , it's obvious from the git-go what's going to happen. I've yet to read an EOTW story that doesn't end with, well, the world ending. Word. It's been done before. To DEATH.

(Another funny; another moment. I'll wait.)

But seriously, now, don't you people read Nostradamus? He predicted the world's end for 2012.

Rejected type no. 2: I tend to fancy stories with narrative. That in mind, I also, interestingly enough, received and have read recently in other magazines, stories a bit heavy on the dialogue. As in, so heavy, it crowded all the narrative out. Suggestion: your dialogue must be stellar. Suggestion: your characters must have something to say. Suggestion: tags are helpful. (read: required. At least by this editor.) We've all written these stories in our more High Brow Literary moments, even me. But I rarely see one that works. Well, once, and no, it wasn't mine.

I did hold a couple of stories last night. One was devilishly clever and the other bowled me over with the writing.

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