a whole 24 hours without a rejection

I'm on a roll.

Let me just begin by saying I feel like shit. Yes, I KNOW it's all of my own doing, and it's nothing eggs-on-toast and a gallon of tea won't cure, and I have a mother already, thanks. But man. Man. Ask me why I choose diet coors over diet bud and this is the reason. Four bud lights gives me a raging hangover. Coors doesn't. And no digs about the beer. I drink real beer on occassion, and yes I love it, but a girl's gotta watch her figure or who will?

I saw Alanis Morriset and Matchbox 20 last night. Alanis has a big ass, which is somehow reassuring because I'm a junk-in-my-trunk kinda girl myself. Her voice sounds just the same as always, though the sound was off, as it always is for opening acts, and she should stick to her old stuff because her new stuff is crap.

Matchbox 20 is pretty fun. Contrary to what Everyone said, I recognized exactly one of their songs, and it was a cover song. Not even theirs. However, it was a fun show, and their lead singer has a big butt, too. Apparently, concerts add 20 pounds. (Courtesy of the husband.) And no, I didn't hate missing Dropkick nearly as much as I thought I would, thanks for asking. ))cringe((

And we had to wait FORTY-FIVE minutes in the parking garage to get home. We congratulated ourselves that the concert was only ten minutes from home, but gee, it hardly seems to matter if you have to wait forever in the garage.

But it was a fun show. Matchbox was a happy alternative to all my socio-political-angsty-hate-the-man punk rock. They even sang a happy song about people you hate. They should do a song for Obama. The band really reminded me of him.

All right. Shhhh. Back to bed.

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