friday's food for thought

Two things on my mind today. Okay, three.

1. A person is a person no matter how small. So claims Horton in HORTON HEARS A WHO. And so hijacks the pro-life fasc--er, movement. There are million themes to take from that one line, but fetus rights is not one of them. Apparently Mrs. Seuss, still living and executor of her late husband's estate, loathes when people use her husband's immortal words to their own end. Like that time Barack called Hillary a Grinch.

2. I figured out why I don't really care for that late breed of book in which tough female protags kick ass on sundry dead, undead, and otherwise, generally in first person. They all sound like they have something to prove. One reason I loved the ALIAS series is that while Sydney had issues (woo, boy, issues) she could turn on her kick-ass like a switch. a man can. Everybody hates the Napolean types who have something to prove--well, I really can't stand the chicas who do. Maybe most women feel that way, or they want to feel that way...or something. Maybe that's why I write male protags and identify with men, cuz I don't get the whole chip-on-my-shoulder-pad mentality.

I'm me. Like me or leave me.

Oh god, please like me, please don't hate me!


I do think Bernita is striking a good tone with her female protag, from the excerpts I've seen.

3. Oops, just came up with a third thing. The editors here at Sex Scenes are suggesting we ratchet down the tone of this blog. For instance, an apparent big no-no is posting about rejections. I don't often post about rejection. I did so earlier last week in a blatant, pathetic bid for sympathy. (Received and processed, thank you.) Why pretend differently? We're writers. We get rejections. Except for certain people--YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE! And s/he's hot, too. Grr.

Also, the politico-speak? I'm generally an ill-informed, mellowed out centrist, but sometimes I just can't resist licking the frozen lightpost. Like, I clearly think gayness is not only acceptable, but sometimes totally smokin'. (Pretty sure, in a previous life...Oh yeah. It was this life.) Or that time I said it was too bad the Obama girls will grow up in the White House rather than being parented by their own parents most of the time. Or take the earlier statement about the pro-life ...people. Will that alienate readers, d'ya think? Would, if I were famous, readers say, "Uh oh, pro-choicer here. Attack attack!" (who am I kidding? I'm already famous) (Editor's note: Who is she kidding? Hrmph.)

To be clear, I think abortion is very sad. But I'm not smart enough to make that decision for anybody else. And you know what? Neither are you.

4. (Editor's note: Sex watched TROY last night. She claims it has no bearing on the following. Snort.) I dreamed I met up with the British princes by chance and we hid out in a London alley and got baked, among other things. I have to say, what woman wouldn't love the idea of flying off to god-knows-where for a liaison with royalty? Or just someone with an accent?

I really think Wills has a bit of a crush on me--took the whole thing way too seriously, really. Oh well. He's young. He'll bounce back.

5. I had a bad hair day yesterday. Today is better.

6. I'm going snowboarding tomorrow and you're not. :-P

Aight. I'm officially out of stuff to say.

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