inspriration vs persperation

Thanks to all the compatriots for the buck-ups and atta-girls. I did falter, briefly, but I sent out two more stories yesterday, so that's the best therapy. (As I write this I see I'm already recieving a rejection on one. That was quick. Sigh.) Like Bernita says, cleaning is therapudic. Except I have this monster house and little wolves who blow it down as soon as I build it up. With kids there is no "clean house" there is more a constant "in the process of being cleaned."

Speaking of cleaning house (well, in the process of being cleaned) didja get a load of those primaries? I think I finally pegged what I find so repugnant about Barack's message, though I still think he'd probably be fine. (In that I don't think he'll do any real damage.) And really, it's not his message that's so repugnant, but that so many are buying into it so readily. It really speaks to of how far the US must come to dig ourselves out of the hole Bush made, and how, as usual, most folks are ignoring the real work that must be done.

He is the "inspiration" candidate, no doubt. But I know, along with every other novel writer out there, that inspiration only carries you so far. It can serve as a springboard for great things, yes, but in novel writing the best ideas are worth nothing without a lot of ass-in-chair. There's a lot of nastiness, a lot of doubt, and plugging forward in the face of rejection. I'm not convinced that Obama is an ass-in-chair kinda guy. McCain is. I believe Clinton is.

Alas, the success on the ground may not matter after all, because though Clinton won the popular vote in TX, Obama is projected to win the delegates. Ironic, since Obama makes himself out to be the grassroots guy.

Florida orange juice, anyone?

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