friday's food for thought

Yes, I know it's still Thursday, so sue me. Friday's a busy day.

I finished a book today.

Ok, I know all about agents and editors and continued revisions and the freakin' stages to publication. I do it to authors myself on a tri-annual basis. (Sheesh, that sounds so kinky.)

But I, me-myself-and-I, finished my book. I looked at the book and said, "Book, I can't think of another thing to do to you. I love you just the way you are."

Not only that, I'm sick of the sight of you, but I didn't say that aloud to Book, cuz that would be just mean.

Now it's up to others. Do they like it? Can they sell it? What does the imprint of their vision look like? It's all good; collaboration is my middle name.

Well, actually, Caroline is my middle name.

I'm going to a writers' retreat tomorrow night. Some of us are famous; some of us are not. All of us will be drinking. And writing. And writing some more. In Fairplay, CO, of all places, which has a bar with dogs (my kinda place) and where the folks who made South Park hail from, Trey and whatshisname.

Sir Trin, Ashetan, and Eriq, here I come. Thanks for waiting. The rest of y'all have a good weekend.

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