I got folks in an uproar over at Stephen's blog when I said that I thought it was (to paraphrase) a shame that the Obamas have chosen to subject their children to being raised in the White House. I know they're hardly the first, but this is the first election I've ever voted in where I identified, from at least an age and family standpoint, with one of the candidates. (All college-educated, midwest born and raised, working in tough careers, kids the same ages as ours.)

I do think it's a sad choice that he's obviously put his career ahead of their kids (and it's a tough argument to say they haven't. It's the PRESIDENCY, for crissake). Maybe it's good for the country; time will tell. They may make up for it in exotic trips, good schools, and parties, but those four or eight years is time he can never get back. You know, the ordinary stuff. Dinner five nights a week together. Saturday morning pancakes. Soccer practice and piano recitals and playing Wii and new socks for the school year.

Their kids are exactly my kids' ages, and I know how sad they are when I go away to a conference or can't make a field trip because I've chosen to work instead. We split our time pretty efficiently, my husband and I, and I still can't imagine what it would be to put them off time after time after time because of being President. Hmm. National Security v. School Play? Joint Chiefs or homework?

For years, my husband travelled 75% for his rather high-paying job, and it was tough on our family. He left that job a couple of years ago, makes much less money, and we still lament all the family time he lost. My friend's 11 year old just got to go to the mall by herself with friends for the first time; I'd venture to say there might not be too many imminent mall trips for Malia, not without the SS hovering.

Mostly, though, folks don't like when folks judge, and I think they also don't like to hear a bad word about the US's latest darlings (look out, Brad and Angelina). But I do judge. I do think about this stuff. Why shouldn't I say it? Cuz it's not polite? Cuz it's not PC to make judgements? I call bullshit. He put himself out there for the Presidency. Unfortunately, it's Sasha and Malia who are going to pay the price. Kinda difficult for me to respect a man who would do that, no matter how noble the endevour. The country could get along without Barack Obama for another decade or so; I doubt his girls feel the same way about missing their dad.


Housekeeping: I'm going quiet for awhile. I'll probably post around here and over at the Espec blog, but I need a break, so I won't be commenting. People, you know. We don't get along, me and people. They're sucking my energy. I have a ton of social engagements in the next two weeks and it's...ahhhh, too much. I'll still be lurking, so keep on posting and drop me a line here or by email.

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