ashes ashes we all fall down

Longtime readers know that Ash Wednesday is an important day to me. I like the ritual of the thing, the idea that the ashes were from last year's fronds on Palm Sunday, which speaks to me of tradition and passing the mantle of faith ever onward. I also like to focus on the season, the most important season of my faith, and how it happens in springtime, the season of peace and growth and hope. I do sacrifice for Lent. Last year it was snacks; I think I'll be doing the same thing again. I'm also sending my book out tomorrow, so that's my leap of faith. (Travis is doing the same thing--wish him luck!) To keep me busy while I'm waiting for a response, as well as pining away for M&Ms and chips, I'll be starting a new book.

Problem is, I've got two compelling ideas. One book 1/3 of the way drafted. It's a cool story called EXILED. The story is, in a nutshell, two men from very different cultures find each other through the only thing they have in common, a physical trait that makes them persecuted. They come into possession of the infant heir to the throne of an empire in turmoil, and they alone know she exists. It plays with the conflict between personal love and duty, giving something to someone that you've just lost, and there are women's issues as well.

I also have the other idea, which comes to me in my dreams and during the day and when I'm working out. No title as of yet, but it's more along the idea of my enemy of my enemy is my friend. This plays with the notion that there are greater evils than our enemies and we all have more in common than we thought. I like the idea of concentrating on similarities between religions and peoples, and the protag is a repressed homosexual as well. I have lots of cool ideas about the battles, internal and external. The world becomes more firmly entrenched in my mind by the day, as well as the themes.

Dare I write two books at once?

Probably not. I think I'll jot character 'scripts and synopses and opening pages and decide which one grabs me as My Story for Right Now.

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