Anyone out there speak French who can fix this undoubtably broken passage (currently as translated by an online translator).

Her gaze slid back to him. A tattoo of a snake encircled his elegant neck. Abstract designs branched down each finger. He held her pistol in his hand, not pointing it at her, but not offering it either. “Si j'allais vous tuer, j'aurais déjà,” he said. If I was going to kill you, I already would have.
“Too true,” she agreed, sitting up. “Your rank does not typically dole out punishment for the Governing Council.” The snake signified him as martyr-class, an expendable outrider willing to run point on any sacrifices required to achieve Sentinel’s goals. “Je suis désolé. My French isn’t what it should be. How did you get in?”

Incidently, the same translator rewords the French lines back into English this way:

If I was going to kill you, I would already have.
I am sorry.

So, maybe it's not too bad. Still, a real human bein' would reassure me. :) (the irony, of course, being that it's still online...)

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