a major award!

Or maybe not, I dunno, but it's better'n mud in yer eye.

As noted in the comments section in the previous post, Steve Goble, one of our Electric Spec authors, has been nominated for a Preditors and Editors award. I actually read this story first, held it for voting, and was Steve's editor (though there was little to do on that front beyond formatting). Interesting story. It's currently number 16 in the rankings (one of many 16s, I don't get it, really), so go vote. You can read the story here. You can vote here. You can visit Steve here. Good man, that Steve. He likes beer.

Ummm. Beeeeeer.

In other news, three nine-year-old boys at a sleepover are exponentially louder than fifteen nine-year-old boys during normal waking hours.

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