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I'm frustrated with my story subs right now. I've had six stories in eight markets out there for a couple of months now and besides two rejections and a hold, it's silent. I should be understanding of other markets, because obviously I sit on the other side of that table, too. But I always try for a month turn-around (admittedly, sometimes it slips to 6 weeks). I feel at a crossroads, like I should submit to other markets, too. Some folks don't like sim-subs (Electric Spec, though we've been burned on it, takes sim-subs, thanks very much). Any advice out there for me? Some people spam all sorts of markets with each story, but that might require organizational skills I don't have. Apparently there's a new program that helps. I should check that out.

Other than that, I'm making plans for World Con in August. Got to get my reservations for the party hotel right away! I need to join, and I need to fill an app out to be on some panels. Plus we need to design and print some swag for the zine. I think pens work well, don't you? And maybe we need t-shirts. Isn't it where you make your own t-shirts?

I have a t-shirt that says: I'm blogging this. I always thought the back of it should have your URL. Wouldn't that be cute? I've thought about posting Sex Scenes URL on my jeep. That would be funny, but then people I know would read--well, more people that I know. Could be scary. How could I gossip about them then? Plus it might look a bit inappropriate in the school parking lot. I guess not.

Went out Friday night and talked to some Peruvians. You know, at ten I would have been willing to try to hash out a conversation, but at 1 am I was pretty well ready to get to bed. They did have the most beautiful black hair though, and really stinky breath.

There were some other funny things that happened, too, but I've forgotten due to lack of sleep. Or, they're not appropriate for repeating. I'll just let you wonder.

I'm selling Burton snowboarding boots. They're going on craigs list for 75, but if you come through here, I'll do a deal for 60. :D Brown, high quality, soft and comfortable, ridden maybe 15 times. Very clean and in great shape. They're just way to big for me, as I found out. I've got the smallest adult size available. So's my board. My board rocks, even though it's pink.

I know I promised y'all more on Obama, but I'm a bit bored with the whole political thing right now. I'll get to it eventually.

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