that was just a dream, just a dream, dream

REM from one of my favorite songs: Losing My Religion

I don't sleep much so I don't get much time to dream, but I had a beer-induced doozy last night:

The husband is at the motocross track. He rides off over a hill, jumps it. I can see immediately it's not going to end well. Bike and husband disappear over the crest of the hill at an odd angle and the next thing I hear is screaming:

Waaaaahhhhhh Waaaahhhhh Waaaaahhhh

Over a loudspeaker!

I go running over there as quick as I can, and yup, it's the husband, screaming bloody murder, because he bumped his nose.

Yeah. It's not even bleeding or anything. I admit I was kind of disappointed. I was thinking broken leg or something.

And then (seriously, all this happened right before my alarm went off at 0-dark-thirty to head to the slopes this morning) the guys at the track make a recording of him screaming and they play it over and over, laughing their asses off.

Now what in flying fuck does THAT mean??

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