It's been brought to my attention that I'm number 19 on the most visited web pages on Publisher's Marketplace. Interesting. The hits have spiked for some unknown reason. But anyhoo, do me a favor and push me up on the listings, eh? Just hit ME once. A bonus is you can learn about HINTERLAND. Fun story, hot hero. I plan on posting a revamped beginning here soon. And no, do not call me on my cell phone. I need to keep the line open for all those agents and editors who doubtlessly will be ringing...

I'll warn you, our editor here at SEX SCENES is feeling a bit pissy. Do your best to ignore her. (Why not? Sex certainly does.)

I've been thinking a lot about writing. (Imagine that, since that's what you do. Speaking of, how's that book coming? Gee, aren't you planning on a little retail therapy later today? Might we be suffering from a bout of procrastination?) My son is not a happy writer. It does not give him a warm feeling to think up ideas; the thrill of a perfectly crafted scene does not crawl upon his spine. Physically, he has trouble with the fine motor act of writing itself; and, yes, he has his father to thank for that. (Yes, and your handwriting is a work of art, because you've been an artist. La-de-da.) Someday, I assume I'll find tiny scraps of paper with essential illegible lists on them, and I won't know which they're from--the father or the son. (3x5 notecard, anyone? No, really, take 50. Sex won't miss them from the Disaster Area she calls her desk. If you're lucky, you'll even find one without a teacup ring on it.)

Anyway, I came up with the idea this morning of letting my kid start his own blog.

Then I hesitated, because he's 8-going-on-9, and do I really want to unleash his creative force upon the Internet? We're still in a constant struggle to keep him from turning to the Dark Side, Luke. I'd hate for him to get ahold of some nutjob and drive him even more crazy. You think I'm kidding. The kid has the loudest cry you've ever heard, I shit you not. He can actually squirt tears. I love him just the way he is, but seriously, a child abductor wouldn't last two blocks before throwing him back.

(You really are a horrible person for even joking about something like that, you know that, Sex? Yes, Satan? Got the oil pits ready? I got a live one for ya!)

And yet, blogging is so fun.

But 8-year-olds on the Internet? In my worst nightmare. The Internet is crowded enough with idiots, all we need is a bunch of kids invading... (Oh no, wouldn't want competition in the form of a 8-year-old. They might get more hits than you. Snort, heh. Might?)

So then I came up with the idea of a school-wide weblog program--sort of a corral in which they could do what we do, but with each other. (And exactly what is it that you do, Sex, that's so noble? Flirt with strangers? Harass perfectly nice people? Bash on China? Pretend to know what the hell you're talking about?) A private, school-based weblog system would be cool. I'm thinking third grade and up, and they could write on their blogs, and then part of the day could be spent writing and then going to other people's blogs and leaving comments. The whole thing could be subject to monitoring, and no anonymity allowed, so that everyone plays nice. I believe it would improve writing because they'd all see each other's writing in a collaborative environment, and it would encourage them to do their best. I know one of the general effects of writing a blog is that I maintain high standards for my grammar and spelling, etc. (Oh, is that what you think you do? Interesting. I'm pretty sure it's me who maintains the high standards. I mean, honestly, who uses etc anymore? Hellooooo, Seeexxxx, it's the 20st century calling. They want their dead lingo back.)

What do we think? Fucking brilliant idea, isn't it? And since I live in an area of techies, I bet we could create a league of 'em to make the whole thing happen. What if we even donated it to the school? That would be awesome! (And you think this donation is going to save your sorry soul from Hell? Think again. I already put down good money to hold your reservation.)

So, what has blogging done for your writing? What are the benefits and pitfalls? And, most importantly, do you have any clever names for such a program? (Oh, no we should use WeeBlog, for sure. It's brilliant. Where the hell is my whiskey? It's going to be a long ass day.)

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