I saw John Robison talk last night, finally met him, and bought his book, LOOK ME IN THE EYE. I wish we'd had time to chat a bit, but there was a long line behind us.

What a great talk--a textbook example of how an author should handle a reading. I had to laugh later because Colorado threw some, er, unruly participants at him, to say the least, and despite what he might say about his lack of social skills, he handled it all with utter grace. I saw his wife though didn't meet her. What a beautiful woman! So poised and every time I looked her way she was smiling.

The best recommendation of all: I brought his book home and my mom stayed up half the night reading it. I've read through chapter one, and I know I'll love it as much as I've enjoyed his bro's books. Good writing obviously runs in that family.

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