don't worry, mommy's here

I've been neglecting you.

I'm sure you're heartbroken without your daily dose of Sex. I'm a bit vaklempt by my internet connection. **&&((&^^&*(^&sprint#%^^$#%^&&
It can't hold connection long enough to send an email, much less post. This post right now is an act of faith.

In local news: our beloved Jayhawks got tromped by Mizzou. I really can't stand those guys. K-state believes they are our big rivals, but Mizzou...grrr. But then, it helps to win games if the team would actually decide to play some football. Hopes, dashed to the rocks!! (And lubricated by several beers.) Then the Broncs decided to lose at the last minute, too. BASTARDS! Consolation prize: the Brad Pitt lookalike at the other end of the bar. Suuu-weeet. Also, the husband, in turning forty, has decided to update his look to rock-n-roll.

And I thought the man couldn't get any sexier. Paid off for him too, down in the basement the other night.

I've also been Christmas shopping quite a bit, getting it done early in anticipation of being gone every weekend until the holiday. Frankly, if you want something from Sex, you'd better get your list to me now.

And other than that I'm working in the land of fiction, so it doesn't lend itself to the posting much, as there's just not much to say about the writing or the story itself at this stage. Every moment of it has become an utter chore--necessary, but a chore. I'm really hoping to turn this thing in soon so I can go work on drafting a book or stories or something else. I am thinking of starting work on an exciting, interractive website soon. I have so many cool ideas to leverage technology and marketing in order to sell books. I think I should start throwing beer at all my techy friends. But don't worry, Sex Scenes at Starbucks will always be with you.

Also, writers for Espec, I have a two hour reading session slated for tonight so I can get through my inbox.

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