spooks for friends

I've realized that many of my friends are spooks--faceless creatures roaming the Internet in search of solidarity often not found in our face friends. Most spooks are social beings in RL, I've realized nothing quite betrays anti-social tendancies like hiding behind the Online Veil.

There's no way I'll hit you all, so I'll just go for a couple of them...

I just had an old Spookilicious swing by lately. I call him by the handle Monkey. You might have noticed our, er, flirting on the last comments thread. That's how we communicate; me because he's so damned adorable and him because he's Australian, and there's something about hot Australian guys...they're as good as horney Italian men for a good flirt.

I have a more serious relationship with Conduit. We study each other's writing at length, which tends to draw friends in pretty close. I don't know how you can be an effective critter for someone you don't like or respect, and if I can describe my relationship with Conduit in two words, it's mutual respect. He's fun to tease, too.

Stephen is one of those folks who knows how to sweep in with just the right words of encouragement.

Goblin stops in from time to time and gives me a run for my money with grammar and style. We don't always agree, but we often defer to one another.

Bernita, if you're not familiar, is a poetic soul who journeys us through art, seasons, and craft all with equal grace.

Alex Keto is one of the more accomplished journalists and writers I know, but he serves up humble pie with every post. When it comes to fiction, we're all beginners.

Wyrd is just...herself. Kind. No bullshit. Smart and thoughtful. Always worth a gander.

Steve writes about big guys with swords and he likes beer. What's not to love there?

And Jack and Greg, my beloved little Jack and Greg, who have mostly moved on but drop me a line here or via email sometimes...you're still my littlest favorite spooks.

To you all, and to the many silent spooks who visit each day, to the tune of over 100 of you,


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