beware dealio

Beware DEALIO. It's a little app that installed itself the other day when I reloaded desktop, and apparently, though the icon is small, the app is HUGE. It royally fucked up my hard drive, we very nearly lost all our data, including three solid weeks of revisions and drafting (yes, back up, yes I know, but we'd had some issues with our auto-back-ups as well). It's basically hostile mal-ware and, I know you won't be surprised, to de-install it the husband had to go to a Microsoft site.

See? They are the devil. Bill Gates is an anagram for Anti-christ, I tell you. (Ok, in another forgotten language, but there it is.)

I just started GOOD OMENS and I can see I will giggle my way through it.

I've also been sick. Bleh.

OK, back to revisions after three days off, so that's it for now. No pic today, the 'puter is too sketchy.

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