In the interest of trying to find SOMETHING to post about amidst my boring life of revision and sick kiddos (Strep; yes she's contagious; thanks for the well wishes), I'm copying my friend Greg's post entitled, Would You Have Sex With That? Girl style. I could say girl-on-girl style, but that would bring all sorts of undesirables around, in addition to the many we've already got.

Oh, crap, that just did it, didn't it?

Well, on to the main, er, attraction...

If you like a little jingle with your tingle:

If, like me, you hate to cuddle after, this might be the man for you. No lie, I watch TV after. Sometimes I watch TV during. But only when something really good is on, like The Unit.

Or do you prefer angsty staring contests,
like at the end of LOTR3?

Finally, if you're blind, deaf, and dumb;
and I don't mean the mute kinda dumb
but the dumb kinda dumb--

Not even to save the baby seals.

And now to cleanse our palettes:
The Bradster:

And our own Conduit:

Thanks for playing, but bring beer next time, would ya?

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