toofless wonder

This probably belongs on Keeping Your Cool, but I'm lazy so here I am.

My kid is having teeth (#s 5 +6 respectively) pulled tomorrow. One of the hardest things as a parent is letting your kid's battle be his battle. He's understandably stressed, but I just had to send him back to bed with a couple of suggestions on how to distract himself until he goes to sleep. I'm pacifying him on the morrow with PS2 (never a weekday option), no school, a new toy, and chocolate pudding. Shit, I'd go in there and let 'em yank some teeth out of my head if it'd help him not have braces. But this is his battle, his deal, his life, and while I can be there for him, I cannot stand in for him.

Jeez, I almost sound all calm and collected about the whole thing, don't I? Truth? I'll be the one watching TV past midnight, trying to exhaust myself enough to just fall right to sleep and not worry too much about my 8 year old baby who is as tall as my chin and has the same size feet as me.

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