Conference is over and I'm exhausted, as usual. 48 hours and I only spent 8 of them sleeping! I helped out with "hospitality" this year, which meant that I needed to keep folks internally and mentally lubricated. Met many wonderful agents, editor, and writers--espeacially writers!! Our seminar went well; we had a very attentive audience who asked lots of great questions, including "What are you looking for that you're not getting?"

DARK FANTASY!! I replied. But what a kick to actually be asked such an editorish question.

Someone was quite shocked that we fund Electric Spec ourselves. Frankly, advertising is tough to arrange, and the zine is really a way for us to give back to the writing community. I especially love my first-sale authors--they're so excited. I got to meet one of my writers in person this weekend, YEA! She's very cool--Bonny Anderson. Look for her story "The Chrysalis" at the end of the month. I also met Mario and Jeanne, saw Carol Berg again (she's such a lovely, supportive person), and so many others... sigh. I love writer people and I don't get to see them nearly enough. The goal is to attend foiur conferences in the next year--especially WORLD CON in Denver!!

I only went to SIX sessions--can't believe it. I spent so much time talking with new and catching up with old author friends and helping out with "hospitality" that I just didn't have time. It was all right, though--I saw Carol's talk on revision today--particularly well-timed for my needs.

Anyway, it's off to Bedfordshire for me. The morning, and work, comes EARLY!

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