revised (on the fly) pitch for hinterland

Would you read it??

When Sean Kelly was a young child, his father told him stories of an archaic world called Hinterland in which brutal kings always kill their princes and necromancers set evil souls upon the innocent. As an adult, he chalks it up to early abuse from a cruel father, but when Sean's wife is murdered, all the clues lead straight to Hinterland.

After Sean finds his wife's killer and murders him for revenge, the body disappears right in front of him. In seeking to solve this latest mystery, Sean finds himself in a horror story from his youth, in a necromantic world with murderous spirits, racial tension, and various tribes vying to steal power from their queen. When he foils an attempt on the queen’s life, she asks him to find the assassin and resolve the issue discreetly. She also demands absolute loyalty. He can live with that. After all, here is a beautiful woman who desires the protection he could not give his wife. While searching for the assassin and unraveling the plot behind the attempt on the queen, he learns his wife’s killer is still alive and the murder was just a skirmish in a much larger war. It’s too late for diplomacy and honor. Sean’s only chance at peace - and revenge - is to confront every horror from his past and betray the queen he swore to protect.

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