Someone close to me requested that I delete the previous post. I do so with reluctance. However, respecting this person's wishes is very important to me. I said everything I could within the confines of anonymity anyway, and evidently I didn't express myself very well. Thanks for your concern, but I'm going to move on privately with this issue.

Onto more fun tidbits:

Our film for the 48 hour film project is up at UTube. For those of you not caught up on the project, we got the genre (superhero) and required prop, line of dialogue, and character name on Friday Night at 6. We wrote from about 7:30 till 2:30, the producer, editor, and I. Filming ran from 8 am -10:30 pm on Saturday (with a couple of scenes added on Sunday) and editing and music and polish took place throughout the weekend. It was a grand experience; had a blast.

I've chosen not to post the link here since my daughter is in it; if you know my email address, feel free to write me to request the link. If not, you can contact me via the magazine or leave a comment here with your own address; I'm happy to delete the comment as soon as I get it.

School starts in a week, so I plan on mostly having fun with my kids till then. Oh, and my birthday is on Thursday. Yea.

Speaking of daughters, mine got two new stuffed animals. They're a camel and a rhino. She tends to name things by physical characteristics, and yes, you guessed it, they're named Humpy and Horny.

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