i miss church

I am considering switching churches. I grew up Methodist, but the whole drinking thing is a little ridiculous. Also, we just couldn't find one we really liked. We joined the Presbyterian Church a few years back, and my son went to preschool there. It was never quite right. The husband characterizes it as a deterioration that came from the pastor in the past few years. Maybe I simply realized that some of their doctrines and beliefs are not for me--or maybe I figured out my own better. At any rate, I never felt I could be myself there, and I feel it's very judgmental and exclusive.

So I'm looking at the Episcopal Church, of all things. I've been to an Episcopal service only once for Ash Wednesday and it was very peaceful. I really like the church here in Boulder. It's an old gothic structure with a labrynth, even! Not that you'd catch me dead walking one, but it's still cool that folks do.

I believe this particular denomination might ring true with me for a lot of reasons, though I'd appreciate input from any Anglicans out there. I like the ritual of it--that's always spoken to me of faith for a lot of reasons, the biggest being the tradition. Tradition really aids in spirituality and belief. They have communion every service, and they say two Creeds every service. I find a lot of power and comfort in tradition. I also like that it derives from Church of England (they even call the Bishop of Canterbury their spiritual leader, though he has no real say in American Episcopal doctrine.) My entire heritage is British, as far back as I know (except for that black "servant" of a great-something grandmother from whom I suppose I inherited my dark skin).

Mostly, though, I like the acceptance factor. They accept themselves as Catholics AND Protestants; they accept all God's creatures for what they are. So that of course means gays and lesbians and black people and sinners and saints; you know, folks like that. I read somewhere that they accept all forms and expressions of faith because it is in the windows between the differences that true faith is found. Isn't that beautiful?

Anyway, I like to think that I'm choosing a particular means to faith for the right reasons--maybe God is actually having a hand in it? I suppose I'll just go and see if it feels right.

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