couldn't think of one

Under the leadership of the capable Todd at Exploding Corpse Productions, I'm participating in the 48 hour film project this weekend, as a writer. We're writing the script Friday night and shooting begins Saturday, 8 am sharp. I won't be present at the shoot (an actor, I'm not), but the husband is to be an actor, so when I post the link to UTube, you'll get to see him in all his adorableness. I'm hoping he's the antag, personally. Anyway, it sounds like a fun, quick project. I'm excited to have the opportunity to study all forms of writing, even those that appear onscreen, and I actually work well under pressure, so hopefully I'll be of some use.

In that same vein, soon I'll post my short story for the sci-fi screenplay. It's coming along, only slower than I wish, as these things do. It's a cool story, drawn from an idea I've been tossing around forever. My hope is to make it into a saleable short story. I will turn it into a screenplay, if only for the experience, but given time and energy, it may someday be a film.

I have this strange hunger for English breakfast lately. I've had fried eggs on toast for the past three days. The convenient thing about it is I'm not hungry again until 4 pm. Haven't broken out the beans yet, though. Maybe on the weekend.

All right, gots to get to work. Have a day, lovelies!

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